Students' Council (OSIS)


Students' Council (abbreviated as OSIS) is an organization that operates at the school level in Indonesia, which starts from Middle Schools, namely Junior High Schools (Junior High) and High School (High school).

OSIS is managed and managed by students who are selected to become student council administrators. Usually this organization has a mentor from a teacher who is selected by the school. Student Council members are all students who are in the school where the Student Council is located. All student council members have the right to choose their candidate to become the student council administrator.

Legal Basis

  • Law No 20 year 2003 about the National Education System
  • Government Regulation No 19 year 2005 on National Education Standards
  • Permendiknas Number 23 year 2006 regarding Graduate Competency Standards
  • Permendiknas Number 19 year 2007 regarding Management Standards
  • Permendiknas Number 39 year 2008 about Student Development
  • The OSIS Handbook published by the Ministry of National Education 2011