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Comparative Study to Jogja for Class XI State Senior High School Students 110 Jakarta Academic Year 2011-2012

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At the date of 11 up to you 14 May 2012 yesterday, Class XI SMA Negeri 110 Jakarta conducts comparative study to Jogjakarta. Walau kebanyakan orang menilai studi banding tak lebih dari sekedar perjalanan wisata, but it turns out that there are many valuable experiences that are obtained by state high school students 110 in the city of education. In Yogyakarta, The student's position is precisely in Gabugan Village. This village is the hometown of a high school teacher 110, namely Mr. Try Yuliantara.

There, students try to get to know and familiarize themselves with the cultural environment of the local community. The group took a place to stay at the residents' houses (home stay), so that it is easier to build closeness. Di desa Gabugan, students acquire a variety of meaningful life skills skills. There they learn how to make lunkhead and meatballs, planting rice and plowing the fields, and catch fish. In arts and crafts, students also had time to learn Javanese karawitan, make batik painting, serta membuat berbagai kerajinan suvenir tradisional.

Acara study banding akhirnya ditutup dengan kunjungan ke Candi Borobudur. There the students relax and entertain themselves. You can see photos of this activity at the address: write an even semester t.a 110 Jakarta

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