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ISP 2014 in public high school 110 Jakarta

Published on: Thursday 24 April 2014 | Writing Categories: High school activities 110
ISP 2014 in public high school 110 Jakarta

PJI stands for Prestasi Junior Indonesia, which is an institution that provides knowledge to high school students of the same level so that they can become entrepreneurs. Hopefully in the future, High school students of this equivalent can create jobs, especially in the field of entrepreneurship. This time it's a public high school 110 Jakarta has the opportunity to participate in entrepreneurial activities. PJI has many positive activities, like leadership training (leadership traning) together 20 schools throughout North Jakarta, at the date of 22 February 2014 located in Kridaloka, Senayan. Not only that, high school student 110 juga berkesempatan mengunjungi… More »