Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony (How much do you want)

On Thursday the date 1 December 2016 then, State High School 110 kedatangan Haruki Nomura Sensei (kimono clothes) in the context of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, or so-called “How much do you want”.

Haruki Nomura at Public High School 110

This activity itself does not take place carelessly. The presentation must have a certificate to carry out the Sado ceremony. In ancient times, the Sado tradition was practiced by Japanese aristocrats.

Haruki Nomura is a teacher from the Asia Center program held by the Japan Foundation. This program will last for approximately 8 months and he will teach in a designated school. State High School 110 himself also had the arrival of native Japanese teachers, yaitu Shinjiro Naka Sensei.

For more complete photos of activities, You can visit the following link:

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