Pancasila Birthday Ceremony 2019

Every date 1 June, the Indonesian nation commemorates the birth of Pancasila. The same goes for SMAN 110 Jakarta. In the midst of the situation in the month of Ramadan and before the implementation of Eid, All teachers, the student, and employees remain enthusiastic about carrying out the anniversary ceremony for Pancasila's Birth on Saturday, 1 June 2019 then.

Pancasila sman magic day ceremony 110

Ceremonial activities take place in the inner courtyard and take place in an orderly and smooth manner. In the ceremony, Principal of SMAN 110 Jakarta, Mrs. Tuti Mariati, M.Pd. acting as the builder of ceremonies. He read a welcome speech from the Pancasila Ideological Development Agency (BPIP) about the meaning of Pancasila as the nation's ideology.

high school teacher 110 Jakarta 2019

More complete activity photos:
Facebook Album SMAN 110

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