20th Year Graduation Ceremony 2011 State High School 110

At the date of 19 May 2011 then, State High School 110 has held a graduation ceremony of the 20th generation. Located in the hall of the Sunter Sports Center, the graduation ceremony was quite lively. The graduation ceremony was attended by the Head of the North Jakarta Education Office, Dr. Virgana M.A., Education Supervisor Coordinator H. Aris Pandong M.M., Head of North Jakarta Tourism Office, and Mr. Chairman of the SMA Committee 110, Abdul Hamid S.Pd.I.


Not only that, the graduation ceremony was also attended by the Heads of Public High Schools 110 earlier, starting from the period of Mr. H Slamet Prawirohartono, Mother Maria Gunarwati, and Mrs. Hj Nuraini.


This graduation ceremony is quite special at the end of Mrs. Dra's leadership. A Heraena S., M.M. because it is accompanied by graduation achievements 100% of high school students 110 Jakarta. This feat is also quite special, because the ranking of majors has increased, especially for the language program which reached number two for the DKI Jakarta area from all public and private schools.

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